This is a thorough, intensive, 24 weeks introductory course in R for Data Science. NOTE: This is not a self-paced course. People tend to lose their motivation too often in self-paced courses, typically as soon as they encounter problems that are difficult to solve by browsing the Internet alone. We do not do that in DataKolektiv. You will be working directly with Goran S. Milovanović, Phd, owner of DataKolektiv, expert Data Scientist, and full-stack R developer who provides analytics services for some of the most complex, big datasets in the World with more than 20 years of experience in Data Science and Analytics. The weekly workload here is: 3h of tuition, 1h labs, 1:1 sessions with the lecturer upon request monthly, and a minimum of 4h of individual work.

Introduction to Data Management

This workshop is always customized with respect to the nature and the needs of a particular business, team, or organization. A mother of a demo and a definite intro. This is a technically non-intensive workshop designed for the non-technical part of your crew that needs to incorporate the contemporary data-oriented thinking and awareness into its everyday operations. Understand what data structures are, how they are produced and managed, and how do we utilize them to make business and organizational decisions. What do Data Scientists do to help improve business decisions and operations? How to communicate with techies without learning a word of any foreign (i.e. programming) language? How to recognize what aspects of a product or a project can be improved by utilizing data-intensive solutions? Get in touch to learn more.

Custom R Training

Already an R developer, but there’s just that one thing that you still need in your arsenal to become awesome? Very good. Oh, not an R programmer at all, but there’s that one package that you need to understand and you still need help to fight through the basic structure of the language? We can help. While we are a bit more enthusiastic about training full-scale R developers for Data Science, we can sometimes jump in the middle of your problem and try to help you find a way out. Only had you’ve done your homework! Get in touch to learn more.


December 2022

Organized via four live, all-day 09:00 - 18:00 sessions, and asynchronously via Slack and GitHub in December 2022, this course represents a very intensive four-weeks introduction to Statistical Learning theory via numerical simulations for Machine Learning (ML) in Python. We cover everything from Linear and Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) to Decision Trees, Random Forest, and XGBoost. We will also review the basics of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (e.g., estimation via Least Squares and Maximum Likelihood Estimation). You will learn how to work in standard Data Science and ML Python packages: Numpy and Scipy, Pandas, Statsmodels, Scikit Learn, and visualize data with Matplotlib and Plotly. We take a hands on knowledge, highly practical approach to Supervised Learning problems. This intensive course encompasses the analysis several business cases in the real estate market and housing pricing, predicting the popularity of online content, and churn prediction problems.


Organized in the Startit center, Belgrade, and asynchronously via Slack and GitHub, this is an intensive four-weeks introduction to Machine Learning (ML) in R. Everything from basics of R programming to Linear and Generalized Linear Models, Decision Trees, Random Forest, and XGBoost, the Data Science Summer School 2022 is meant to be a thorough learning experience, taking a hands on knowledge approach to a wide range of Supervised Learning problems. The Data Science Summer School 2022 encompasses the study of several business cases in the real estate market and housing pricing, predicting the popularity of online content, and churn prediction problems.

IN SERBIAN - Uvod u R programiranje za analizu podataka

(!!) Besplatan kurs u saradnji sa Startit

Kurs je namenje pre svega onima koji već imaju makar osnovnu pripremu u matematičkoj statistici i metodologiji, koriste sredstva za analizu podataka poput Excel, SPSS, Libre Office Calc i sl, i nameravaju da pređu u kompleksnije i fleksibilnije radno okruženje programskog jezika R. Takođe, kurs predstavlja uvod, od potpuno osnovnog, početnog nivoa, u R programiranje. Primeri koje koristimo su vezani, naravno, za statistiku i upravljanje podacima, ali je naglasak na učenje samog programskog jezika i programiranja. Ovaj kurs se preporučuje svima kojima je R prvi programski jezik koji uče.


Data Kolektiv doo, Vitezova Karadjordjeve Zvezde 50, ZVEZDARA-BEOGRAD, 11000 Beograd, Republika Srbija, ID(APR):21642126, TIN:112285026
Goran Milovanovic PR Data Kolektiv, Breza 4/7, ČUKARICA-BEOGRAD, 11000 Beograd, Republika Srbija, ID(APR):64498339, TIN:109890695