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We manage your business risk in key decisions together

We deliver full-stack Data Science, Research, and Engineering services. That means that we take the road together with you from (1) conceptualizing your problem, towards (2) specifying, storing, and managing the dataset(s) that you need, (3) coding exploratory analytics and Machine Learning procedures to process your data, and (4) learn as much as we can from them, finally (5) reporting, deploying, and scaling in a clear and concise manner. Get in touch to express your interest and learn about the possibilities and pricing, or take a look at our consulting services overview first.


Above all, we are scientists and researchers

With more than 20 years of experience in academic and applied research, we in DataKolektiv consider a client who brings a previously unstudied or unsolved problem to us - a jewel. No off the shelf solutions are offered here. Every new problem presented to us will be treated as a unique, previously unseen and unstudied case, and known solutions in ML/AI will be put to use only following a thorough empirical study of the data that you bring. We are also open to research cooperation with other business and organizations in the areas of decision making, causal networks, and distributional semantics.


Grow your knowledge and skills with us

Since its inception in 2017, DataKolektiv has trained many in Data Science and Machine Learning. Our collaborations include top scientific institutions, dozens of market research experts, experienced software engineers transitioning to ML/AI, product managers from leading banks and companies in the Western European market, students and postgraduates entering the job market, enthusiasts, business analysts, and even seasoned experts in ML/AI. Sign up for our courses to find out why: while some say they are challenging, we believe there’s no shortcut to success. We maintain an impeccable track record because we only associate with and serve leaders and achievers.


We did it: ML and Analytics on one the largest data sets in the World

2017 - 2022 we have provided full-stack Data Science and Analytics services for Wikidata, the world’s largest, most complex open knowledge base. Wikidata is a knowledge base derived from the collective efforts of millions of individuals who edited Wikipedia and then expanded by various large datasets to encompass almost 100M entities interconnected in a vast network of knowledge and information by now. It powers advanced AI systems like Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, among others.

Contact: hello@datakolektiv.com


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