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June 17, 2020 Events, General
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DataKolektiv has its website up and running, finally. We have enough time just to say Hello World and disappear because we are found in the middle of preparations for our Semantic Web in R for Data Scientists workshop in the forthcoming e-Rum 2020 conference:

This workshop will offer a hands-on approach to Semantic Web technologies in R by exemplifying how to work with Wikidata and DBpedia in different ways. Attendees of the workshop should be R developers who understand the typical ways of dealing with familiar data structures like dataframes and lists. The workshop will be supported by a well documented, readable code in a dedicated GitHub repo. 

The plan is to start simple (using the WIkidata API, for example) and then slowly progress towards more advanced topics (e.g. your first SPARQL query from R and why it is not as complicated as people think, matching your data set against Wikidata entities in order to enrich it, and similar). I will provide an introduction to Semantic Web on a conceptual level only so that participants will not need a full understanding of the related technical standards (RDF, different serializations, etc) to follow through. 

Finally, we will show how to process the Wikidata JSON dump from R for those interested to play big games with R and the Semantic Web. We might be playing around with some interactive graph visualizations during the workshop. I think that Semantic Web is a new topic for many Data Scientist and that the R world definitely deserves a better introduction to it than it already has. 

The Workshop will rely on and extend the approach and material developed by Goran to introduce the Semantic Web and Wikidata in R in his 2019 MilanoR Meetup. The Covid-19 pandemic prevented the organizers of e-Rum 2020 to welcome us in beautiful Milano, Italy, but they fought like lions in spite of all the obstacles and managed to transfer the whole event online. With compliments to the organizers and looking forward to it!

MilanoR Meetup w. Goran S. Milovanović, 2019/06/25.

Many new interesting developments and training sessions alongside new collaborations will be taking place in DataKolektiv during the summer. Stay tuned.