DataKolektiv was founded by Goran S. Milovanović, Ph.D., in 2017, following almost 30 years of his career in academic and applied science and research. We provide full-stack Data Science services for Wikidata, the world’s largest, most complex open knowledge base. Wikidata is a knowledge base derived from the collective efforts of millions of individuals who edited Wikipedia and then expanded by various large datasets to encompass almost 100M entities interconnected in a vast network of knowledge and information by now. It powers advanced AI systems like Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, among others.

We are committed to open-source technologies, support the open science movement, and are passionate about free knowledge and education. DataKolektiv lends its knowledge and resources to those who are willing to learn and help advance cognitive technologies in the best interest of humankind. We believe in free and fair trade and exchange of knowledge and information between people.