Intro to Data Science: Non-Technical Background (R track)

DSS Vol. 1 is a thorough, introductory, 24 weeks course in Data Science in R.

Weekly workload: 3h of tuition + 1h lab + 4h individual work.

Welcome to the Intro to Data Science:

Non-Technical Background (R track) course!

You will be working at least four (4) hours weekly in a direct contact with Goran S. Milovanović, an expert Data Scientist and R Developer, who is providing Data Science and Analytics services for some of the most complex, big datasets in the World. Note: of course it takes more than just four hours of work weekly to enter the field of Data Science. But you will get all support that you need and you will get it directly.

This is not a “self-paced course”.

This website encompass all course materials, the course roadmap, and a set of useful resources to learn R.

The Sessions menu covers all 24 weekly courses sessions and points to the relevant R Markdown Notebooks.

Overview provides the full course roadmap as well as our teaching methodology.

Many excellent R learning resources are found under Resources.

Goran S. Milovanović, Chief Scientist & Owner, DataKolektiv, Data Scientist for Wikidata, WMDE, DataKolektiv
Contact: This is free software: all content is GPL v2.0 licensed.