Goran S. Milovanović, Phd

I founded DataKolektiv in 2017, following almost twenty five years of my career in academic and applied science and research. In 2017 - 2022 I have worked as a (contractor) Data Scientist for Wikidata, certainly the largest and arguably the world’s most complex Open Knowledge Base, providing full-stack Data Science services: from ETL/pre-processing in Big Data systems, ML, and towards serving hand-crafted dashboards in virtualized production environments. Here is my Wikidata Analytics Portal - go play.

Keyword: Bayesian.

I have co-edited and co-authored five books on Internet user behavior and attitudes, encompassing theoretical aspects of the development of Information Society and Internet Governance. In my academic track I’ve done a lot of work on human associative and semantic memory, concepts and categorization, statistical causal induction, and judgment and decision making under risk.

In my professional and academic career - as well as a volunteer - I have educated hundreds in methodology, statistics, psychology, and Data Science.

I program computers since 1984, and that would be the 8-bit era. When I was sixteen, I have published my first review of a PASCAL compiler, and wrote my first scientific paper when I was nineteen. Since then I live in the intersection of computer science, mathematical statistics, and social sciences.

Contact: hello@datakolektiv.com

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